Domino Effect


Games in development


Christopher Boyton
3D / Texture artist
Giulia Milazzo
Texture Artist
Environment artist, I took a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and developed my skills by attending Escape Studios and contributing to various mods.
Ivan Boyanov
Community Manager
Jim Peall
3D Artist/Network Engineer
Joe Bower
Rob Peall
I've been designing games since I was about 10 , I studied multimedia technology and design at the University of Kent , then went on to study games art at Escape Studios.
Sam Bradley
3D Artist / Level Designer
Scott Crawford
Gameplay and Network Programmer. Self taught games development while working on personal projects and can be applied to most tasks in the development cycle beyond programming.
Thomas Isted
3D Artist / Level Designer
Tom Wibberley
Technical Artist / Designer


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